How you can Support our Warriors

Raytheon and No Barriers Warriors will host a community event to show support for the veterans taking part in the expedition. Watch for more details.

Each year, Raytheon employees and others raise thousands of dollars for the non-profit No Barriers USA organization.

Why Raytheon Supports No Barriers

Because our nation’s veterans with disabilities often face incredible challenges reintegrating into their communities and finding both purpose and jobs outside of the military, the No Barriers Warriors program is cost-free for veterans.

Raytheon is proud to sponsor a No Barriers Warriors expedition for a fifth year.

Raytheon Missile Systems President Taylor W. Lawrence offers this perspective on the cause:

I have witnessed the transformative power of No Barriers expeditions. These are truly life-
changing experiences for veterans seeking to improve their quality of life.
– Raytheon Missile Systems President – Dr. Taylor W. Lawrence

No Barriers’ mission and message can benefit everyone, regardless of one’s circumstances. It teaches us to give our very best every day and shows us that we can accomplish great things. The organization is inspiring many along life’s journey to reach for higher summits of personal and professional success.

Erik Weihenmayer, Co-founder of No Barriers USA and world-renowned blind adventurer, spoke to a Raytheon Missile Systems audience about life’s adversities and how we can conquer them:

I believe life is a never-ending process of reaching into the darkness when we don’t know what we will find. No Barriers is a program that helps us do just that. By combining the awesome power of a mountaineering experience with an outstanding team committed to exploration, we unleash the potential of the human spirit. What’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way.
– No Barriers USA Co-founder Erik Weihenmayer

Having climbed the world’s tallest mountains on all seven continents, Erik showed us that we can do more and become more than we ever imagined.



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No Barriers Warriors

No Barriers Warriors empowers veterans with disabilities to overcome barriers and unleash their potential. We do this through transformative, experiential learning in challenging environments for veterans with disabilities. Simply put, No Barriers Warriors expeditions and other experiences provide a place for veterans to push themselves, both physically and mentally, and connect with other veterans. We believe in harnessing adversity and reminding our participants what’s within them is stronger than what’s in their way.

The No Barriers Mission

Our mission is to unleash the potential of the human spirit. Through transformative experiences, tools and inspiration, we help people embark on a quest to contribute their absolute best to the world. In the process, we foster a community of curious, brave and collaborative explorers who are determined to live the No Barriers Life.

The No Barriers Life

Pledge to live the No Barriers Life and you optimize your purpose and potential. Making that happen requires a gritty commitment to learning and giving your all. Through our programs, we teach people to embrace the No Barriers Life elements below.