Branch of Service: U.S. Army & U.S. Air Force

State: New Mexico

Bio: David served three-and-a-half-years in the Army before transitioning to the Air Force and working on jet engines. He has served for 18 years and is looking forward to retirement. His interests include working on cars, guns, photography, reading, snowboarding, scuba diving, anything related to the mountains, and his dog.

David has seen a lot during his military career. Since being enrolled into the Air Force Wounded Warrior program last year, he realizes how rewarding it can be to help other wounded warriors and veterans.

He still has issues on a weekly basis, but he strives to work through them and get better. He believes this would be a great opportunity to achieve new heights and have the ultimate challenge for his heart. He also loves the opportunity to join this expedition and bring his photography skills to help document and promote the work being done at No Barriers.