Rachel served in the Air Force at the age of 20, for 6 years. She grew up a military brat and then married a service man, also. She has had the military experience from all sides.

Once she left the military she felt lost and looking for natural healing. She found yoga and iRest meditation and that journey has helped her heal and meet many wonderful souls. Through the people she met on her yoga path she came to learn about No Barriers and the healing took another leap forward.

She was lucky enough to be selected to join No Barriers on a few adventures in the summer of 2016. She met many other great veterans in the same place she was. In her desire to not let these veterans down (her new rope team), she left the couch and sadness behind. She discovered a passion for life again.

She now spends her free time hiking, climbing, riding, and hanging with her dogs. She tries to spread her love for yoga, iRest meditation, and being outside with everyone she meets, to help them heal and live life again.