The Expedition - Raytheon Wind River Range Veteran Expedition



Few places capture the raw beauty and rugged wilderness of the Rocky Mountains like the Wind River Range in Wyoming.  From jagged, rock-strewn peaks to crystal clear alpine lakes, the journey through this remote wilderness will leave participants breathless at every turn of the trail.  The Veteran Wilderness Expedition allows them to experience this incredible part of our nation’s landscape, all while living out of a backpack and sleeping under the stars.

The 2017 team will comprise 12 veterans and a group of No Barriers expedition leaders.

The expedition begins in Dubois, Wyoming, where the team will become acquainted and prepare their gear for the wilderness experience ahead. Day two starts early as the team heads to the trailhead in the Shoshone National Forest.  From here, participants will spend the next seven days trekking through the backcountry, learning survival skills, hiking and exploring, summiting local peaks and spending quality time with the team relaxing at camp each night. Weather permitting, the backcountry experience includes an opportunity to summit Gannett Peak and experience a total eclipse of the sun on Aug. 21.  Participants will return to Dubois for a team dinner and depart home the following day.

Applications close May 1, 2017.

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The climb doesn’t build courage and confidence. It’s already there. The climb is just a reminder. - John Toth, Director, No Barriers Warriors